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We need your ideas.

Superior-quality Lizbeth 100% Egyptian Cotton thread comes in a dazzling array of colors, and we are always looking for new ones to add. To help us find new colors, we are opening the search to customers and friends. Send us an idea! If we use it, we'll send you 25 balls of Lizbeth thread—you choose from sizes 10, 20, 40, 80 and the color —FREE!*  (NOTE: the free balls does not apply to the size 3 thread) We also will list your name below the product on our website and on this page below, when it is introduced. NOTE: the contest is only for Lizbeth Thread and Not Liz Metallic as we are very limited on metallic colors.


               To submit your idea, e-mail the following information to barb@hhtatting.com.

                            1.     A very specific written description of the color or colors in a group

                            2.     If the color is a solid, provide a photo or swatch

                            3.   Name for the color or group of colors

                            4.   Your name, e-mail address, phone number

 NOTE: We ONLY accept requests through e-mail. We do accept color samples through the mail ONLY after you have e-mailed the idea to us.

NOTE: New Colors are not always added every year.

*Notes: If two or more people send the same color suggestion, the winner will be the one who e-mailed the color to us first. All color suggestions become the property of and can be used exclusively by Handy Hands, Inc.  Anyone anywhere is eligible to submit color ideas.

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List of Current WINNERS


Winter 2018

     Megan Hadden Pearl Blush #648
     Debbie Arnold Maple Butter #715

Anna Tirat-Gefen

Maple Syrup #716

Debbie Arnold

Pink Ice #189
   Montana Winter Silver Ice #190






Winter 2015

   Elizabeth Birmingham     Green Ice    #187  

Junko Nakatani

    Sunkist Coral    #706   

Sally Kerson

   Peppermint Green    #687   

Susie Arnholt

River Blue Med

River Blue Dk




Debbie Arnold

   Bright Blue Lt    #710   
    Sandra Eichelberger    Kelly Green   #713   
    Dale Pomeroy    Seacrest Green   #714  

Winter 2014 - NEW Twirlz

Nancy Dugas-Gilmore

Wendy Griffin


Dale Ryman

Karen Beary Parent

Candy Hearts

Yolande Harrison

Karen Beary Parent


Jane Fletcher

Hannah Foster

Winter Ice

Carollyn Brown

Karen Beary Parent

Mermaid Lagoon
   Amy Haffling
Bumble Bee

Denise Wessman

Sherry Townsend


Debbie Arnold

Faith Foster

Midnight Mist
   Veronica Dunn
Autumn Breeze
   Denise Levitan

Summer 2013

Marilyn Jones Azalea Lt #629 s

Joelle Paulson

Coral Orange Med #702 s
Sherry Townsend &

Jaime Bridges

Orange Crush #183 s

Jane Eborall &

Cheryl Cameron

Rainbow Splash #184 s
Susanne Jonsson Artic Waters #185 s

Fall/Winter 2012

     Marilyn Jones Pink Blossoms #176 a
    Rebecca Emmons &

Barb Grainger

Elderberry Jam #177 a

Claude Martin

Grape Pomegranate #178 a

Melanie Cervi &

Claude Martin

Herbal Garden #179 a
   Sarah Wood &

Ruth Perry

Honey Drizzle #180 a

Clyde Page &

Jane Eborall

Cranberry Bush #181 a
   Veronica Haskell &

Kay Mierendorf

Spice Cake #182 a
   Jane Eborall Cream #610 a
  Debbie Arnold Grape Dk #645 a
  Jill Mclean Periwinkle #659 a
   Anna Tirat-Gefen Poppy Red #669 a
  Susie Arnholt English Rose #700 a

Spring/Summer 2012

    Janet Lewis Pineapple Parfait #170

Mary Hackenberger

& Patsy Goodman

Green Coral Sea #171

Jelena Koval &

Mary Robinson

Pink Marble #172

Kim Anderson &

Mary Robinson

Purple Marble #173
    Shannon Campos Girly Girl #174

Darla Landfair &

Kendra Goodnow

Scottish Thistle #175
   Debbie Arnold Daffodil #616

Fall/Winter 2011

     Sharon Davis Blue Ice #163
     Karen Beary Parent Blue River Glades #164

Cassandra Ryan &

Sherry Townsend

Grape Splash #165

Jane Eborall &

Marilyn Jones

Pink Coca #166
   Sherry Townsend Jungle Greens #167

Judy Hoag &

Claude Martin

Latte Foam #168
   Karla Hartzell Autumn Apple Pie #169
   Claude Martin Charcoal #606
   Barbara Grainger Fudge Dk #697

Spring/Summer 2011

    Sandy Cofer Raspberry Frappe #157
    Mary Harris Niagara Falls #158

Jean Bayer &

Denise Wessman

Easter Eggs #159
    Anne Bruvold Country Kitchen #160
    Carolyn Craig Sea Island Citrus #161

Fall/Winter 2010

   Aimee Tardiff Juicy Watermelon #156
   Karen Beary Parent Peacock Blues #149



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