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Occhi Schiffchenspitze, Frivolite (langwieser/Scharowa))
Approx. 70 TATTING patterns and 143 pages. Patterns include; Peacock and peacock full fanned out, edgings, insertions, collars some very elaborate, medallions . German Text includes diagrams, Hardcover. This is a revised edition for the book Occhi-Schiffchenspitze-Frivoite with several more patterns added.(T376)
Price: $49.95

Occhi-Tatting-Frivolite: Mustersammlung (Susanne Rolf)
Approx. 16 patterns; 51 pages. Includes hanky edgings, and medallions. German text, patterns are diagrammed.(T179)
Price: $17.95

Oh My Stars! (Kaye Judt)
Approx. 15 patterns; 36 pages. Make the stars and learn techniques for shuttle and needle tatters. Techniques shown; two colors, beads, Josephine, self closing mock ring, double picot, dimpled ring, cluny, split chain, pearl tatting, TAK. This is a very nice book. (T296)
Price: $14.95

Old Fashioned Tatting Patterns
Approx. 140 patterns; 76 pages. A reprint of the 1896 book 'Tatting and Netting' by the Butterick Publishing Co. Includes medallions, edgings, hanky edgings, butterflies, insertions, doilies, baby hat, collars and more. (T140)
Price: $13.95

Orecchini Con IL Chiacchierino Ad Ago (Kwartnik)
Approx. 9 patterns; 43 pages. Patterns are all ear rings with beads. All illustrations are shown using a tatting needle. Patterns are diagrammed. Italian Text (T435)
Price: $19.95

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